Base de conocimientos

Base de conocimientos en forma de
“IF … THEN …” rules base
que se puede implementar fácilmente en el sistema de soporte de decisiones.

The main resource of the knowledge base are scientific articles listed below from which we extracted the data for the decision support system.

Chickenpox: presentation and complications in adults Abro AH, Ustadi AM, Das K, Abdou AM, Hussaini HS, Chandra FS.
Clinical manifestations, complications and management of chickenpox infection in pediatric Bereda G. 
Chickenpox Clinical Presentation Anthony J Papadopoulos, MD
Interna Szczeklika 2022 Group work
Chronic Joint Pain 3 Years after Chikungunya Virus Infection Largely Characterized by Relapsing-remitting Symptoms Sarah R. Tritsch, Liliana Encinales, Nelly Pacheco, et al. 
Manifestations of Atypical Symptoms of Chikungunya during the Dhaka Outbreak (2017) in Bangladesh Deeba IM, Hasan MM, Al Mosabbir A, Siam MHB, Islam MS, Raheem E, Hossain MS.
Overview on Chikungunya Virus Infection: From Epidemiology to State-of-the-Art Experimental Models Constant LEC, Rajsfus BF, Carneiro PH, Sisnande T, Mohana-Borges R and Allonso D
Chikungunya virus: A general overview K.A. Galán-Huerta, A.M. Rivas-Estilla, I. Fernández-Salas, J.A. Farfan-Ale, J. Ramos-Jiménez
Chikungunya virus disease European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) 2024
Parazytologia medyczna kompendium Morozinska- Gogol
A prolonged, community-wide cholera outbreak associated with drinking water contaminated by sewage in Kasese District, western Uganda Kwesiga, B., Pande, G., Ario, A.R. et al. 
Cholera — the new strike of an old foe Anna Kuna, Michał Gajewski
Cholera Matthew Fanous; Kevin C. King
Sensitivity, Specificity, and Public-Health Utility of Clinical Case Definitions Based on the Signs and Symptoms of Cholera in Africa Nadri J, Sauvageot D, Njanpop-Lafourcade BM, Baltazar CS et al. 
Factsheet on COVID-19 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) 2024
COVID-19 diagnosis and management: a comprehensive review Pascarella G, Strumia A, Piliego C, Bruno F et al. 
COVID-19 patients’ clinical characteristics, discharge rate, and fatality rate of meta-analysis Li L-q, Huang T, Wang Y-q, et al. 
Clinical profile of Dengue fever in an urban tertiary care hospital in South India Dhivya P., Monica A., Jayaramachandran S.
Dengue—How Best to Classify It Anon Srikiatkhachorn, Alan L. Rothman, Robert V. Gibbons et al. 
Dengue hemorrhagic fever – A systemic literature review of current perspectives on pathogenesis, prevention and control Wen-Hung Wang, Aspiro Nayim Urbina, Max R. Chang et al. 
Clinical Characteristics and Management of 676 Hospitalized Diphtheria Cases, Kyrgyz Republic, 1995 R. Kadirova, H. Ü. Kartoglu, P. M. Strebel
Corynebacterium Diphtheriae Anmol Chaudhary; Shivlal Pandey
Association of clinical signs and symptoms of Ebola viral disease with case fatality: a systematic review and meta-analysis Harsha Moole , Swetha Chitta , Darlyn Victor et al. 
Clinical Manifestations and Laboratory Diagnosis of Ebola Virus Infection. Qureshi AI. 
The Reemergence of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1995  Ali S. Khan, F. Kweteminga Tshioko, David L. Heymann et al. 
Acute and Chronic Symptoms of Mononucleosis Sanjay Lambore, MB, MSc, James McSherry, MB ChB, and Arthur S. Kraus, ScD
Infectious mononucleosis in children – one centre experience Joanna Maria Wrembel, Tomasz Jarmoliński
Clinical Signs and Symptoms Predicting Influenza Infection Monto AS, Gravenstein S, Elliott M, Colopy M, Schweinle J. 
An Office-Based Approach to Influenza: Clinical Diagnosis and Laboratory Testing NORMAN J. MONTALTO, D.O.
Travelers Malaria Patricia Schlagenhauf-Lawlor
Sensitivity of fever for diagnosis of clinical malaria in a Kenyan area of unstable, low malaria transmission. utanda, Albino & Cheruiyot, Priscah & Hodges, James & Ayodo, George & Odero, Wilson & John, Chandy
Plasmodium falciparum clinical malaria in Dielmo, a holoendemic area in Senegal: No influence of acquired immunity on initial symptomatology and severity of malaria attacks Rogier, Christophe & Ly, Alioune & Adama, Tall & Cissé, Badara & Trape, J.
Invasive Meningococcal Infection: Analysis of 110 cases from a Tertiary Care Centre in North East India Dass Hazarika, R., Deka, N.M., Khyriem, A.B. et al.
Which early ‘red flag’ symptoms identify children with meningococcal disease in primary care? Tanya Ali Haj-Hassan, Matthew J Thompson, Richard T Mayon-White et al. 
Mumps Virus: Modification of the Identify-Isolate-Inform Tool for Frontline Healthcare Providers Koenig KL, Shastry S, Mzahim B, Almadhyan A, Burns MJ. 
Characteristics of a large mumps outbreak: Clinical severity, complications and association with vaccination status of mumps outbreak cases Stein Zamir, H Schroeder, H Shoob, N Abramson & G Zentner 
Mumps outbreak and laboratory diagnosis Mylène Maillet, Eric Bouvat, Nicole Robert et al. 
An outbreak of norovirus-related acute gastroenteritis associated with delivery food in Guangzhou, southern China  Lu Y, Ma M, Wang H, Wang D, Chen C, Jing Q, Geng J, Li T, Zhang Z, Yang Z. 
Vomiting as a Symptom and Transmission Risk in Norovirus Illness: Evidence from Human Challenge Studies Amy E. Kirby, Ashleigh Streby, Christine L. Moe
Clinical Manifestation of Norovirus Gastroenteritis in Health Care Settings Ben A. Lopman, Mark H. Reacher, Ian B. Vipond, Joyshri Sarangi, David W. G. Brown
Clinical manifestation of norovirus infection in children aged less than five years old admitted with acute diarrhea in Surabaya, Indonesia: a cross-sectional study Fardah Athiyyah A, Shigemura K, Kitagawa K et al. 
Diagnostic value of symptoms and laboratory data for pertussis in adolescent and adult patients Miyashita N, Akaike H, Teranishi H, Kawai Y, Ouchi K, Kato T, Hayashi T, Okimoto N.
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Pertussis prevalence among adult patients with acute cough İlbay A, Tanrıöver MD, Zarakol P, Güzelce EÇ, Bölek H, Ünal S. 
Clinical aspects of human rabies in the state of Ceará, Brazil: an overview of 63 cases Duarte NFH, Pires Neto RDJ, Viana VF, Feijão LX, Alencar CH, Heukelbach J. 
Epidemiological and clinical features of human rabies cases in Bali 2008-2010 Susilawathi NM, Darwinata AE, Dwija IB, Budayanti NS et al. 
Rubella outbreak among workers in three small- and medium-size business establishments associated with imported genotype 1E rubella virus-Shizuoka, Japan, 2015 Kato H, Kamiya H, Mori Y, Yahata Y, Morino S, Griffith M et al. 
Rubella (German Measles, Three-Day Measles) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Five years review of cases of adult tetanus managed at Gondar University Hospital, North West Ethiopia (Gondar, Sep. 2003-Aug. 2008) Tadesse A, Gebre-Selassie S. 
Clinical features and outcomes of tetanus: a retrospective study Fan Z, Zhao Y, Wang S, Zhang F, Zhuang C. 
Tetanus Louise Thwaites, MD
Tetanus: Presentation and outcome in adults.  Younas NJ, Abro AH, Das K, Abdou AMS, Ustadi AM, Afzal S. 
Miliary tuberculosis: Clinical manifestations, diagnosis and outcome in 38 adults Mert, A., Bilir, M., Tabak, F., Ozaras, R., Ozturk, R. et al. 
A Population-Based Survey of Tuberculosis Symptoms: How Atypical Are Atypical Presentations? Loren G. Miller, Steven M. Asch, Emily I. Yu, Laura Knowles, Lillian Gelberg, Paul Davidson
Alert sign and symptoms for the early diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis: analysis of patients followed by a tertiary pediatric hospital Farina, E., D’Amore, C., Lancella, L. et al. 
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of HIV/AIDS patients diagnosed with tuberculosis in the Integral Care Service of the Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital during the period 2010-2016 Ricardo Elías-Melgen, Rosa Abreu, Milandres García
Typhoid FeverAn Epidemic With Remarkably Few Clinical Signs and Symptoms Klotz SA, Jorgensen JH, Buckwold FJ, Craven PC.
Current trends in typhoid fever Crum, N.F. 
Characteristic features of culture positive enteric fever in pediatric teaching hospital in Sulaimani governorate Tyib, Tara & Fakhir, Haydar & Mohammad, Hayder
Enteric fever Basnyat B, Qamar FN, Rupali P, Ahmed T, Parry CM.
Clinical Manifestations Of Hepatitis A: Recent Experience In A Community Teaching Hospital Myron J. Tong, Neveen S. El-Farra, Marianne I. Grew,
Natural History, Clinical Manifestations, and Pathogenesis of Hepatitis A Shin EC, Jeong SH
Clinical and Epidemiological Spectrum of Acute Viral Hepatitis Due to Hepatitis A and E in Children: A Descriptive, Cross-Sectional, Hospital-Based Study Javaria Rasheed, Muhammad Khalid, Sobia Rubab, Bushra Iqbal, Iram Nawaz, Asad Shahzad
Assessing yellow Fever risk in the ecuadorian Amazon.  Izurieta RO, Macaluso M, Watts DM, Tesh RB, Guerra B, Cruz LM, Galwankar S, Vermund SH
Clinical features of yellow fever cases at Vom Christian Hospital during the 1969 epidemic on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria Evan M Jones and D. C. Wilson
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of yellow fever in Brazil: analysis of reported cases 1998-2002 Tuboi, Suely & Costa, Zouraide & Vasconcelos, Pedro & Hatch, Douglas.
An Overview of Yellow Fever Virus Disease McGuinness I, Beckham JD, Tyler KL, Pastula DM.
Yellow fever outbreak in Kenya: A review Olivier Uwishema, Stanley Chinedu Eneh, Anyike Goodness Chiburoma et al. 
Yellow Fever Leslie V. Simon; Muhammad F. Hashmi; Klaus D. Torp.
Zika Virus The Johns Hopkins University
Clinical, laboratory and virological data from suspected ZIKV patients in an endemic arbovirus area Tatiana Elias Colombo, Cássia Fernanda Estofolete, Andréia Francesli Negri Reis et al. 
Clinical relevance of Zika symptoms in the context of a Zika Dengue epidemic Humberto Guanche Garcell, Francisco Gutiérrez García, Manuel Ramirez Nodal et al. 
The Clinical Spectrum of Zika Virus in Returning Travelers Eyal Meltzer, Eyal Leshem, Yaniv Lustig, Giora Gottesman, Eli Schwartz
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